If you are looking for a true indigenous forest, then Arabuko Sokoke National Park is the place to go. I know Mombasa or Lamu is in your list as part of your safari in Kenya. Why not? Mombasa and Lamu Island are beautiful place to be. And so, I will recommend you add Arabuko Sokoke National Park in your list because it is found in the coastal region of Kenya. It is 120km north of Mombasa. The park is 420kmand considered to have one of the largest and the only true indigenous forest.

Some of the amazing wildlife you should expect to see include:-
  • African Elephant
  • Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew
  • Ader's Duiker
  • Red Bush Squirrel
  • Bushy Tailed Mongoose
If you are bird lover, then you are in for a treat. You will be able to see some variety of bird species. These include:-
  • Spotted Ground Thrush
  • Sokoke Scops Owl
  • Sokoke Pipit
  • Amani Sunbird
  • Clarke’s Weaver
  • East Coast Akalat


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